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 Welcome to my website for The Veteran SDR.  It is still a work inprogress as I'm adding  to each of the above pages so please check them out.  

To ask questions about this radio please visit   TheVeteranSDR Page

If you read the Design History page you will see this Radio has been under developement for quite some time.  I feel like I finally cracked to code of spurious signals with sound card based SDR's using the Tayloe QSE/QSD.  In the Ham spirit of sharing between Hams, all design files and firmware will be open source.

For more information on the AVR firmware to control Si570 oscillator check out Fred Krom's (PE0FKO) website.


Another  Radio which is now available is the Magnis SDR.  This a a modified version of the Omina Basic(Peaberry V2).  It is basically the same circuiit with a 10W amplifer.  Along with the 10 Watt amplifier the Magnis can also be configured with plug in filter modules for easy band switching unlike the earlier radios and Softrocks.  The Power Jack is a mutifoot print version.  Standard barrel jack, Anderson Power pole or direct wire connections are the options. The Finals are the same as the Veteran SDR but with the finals against the back cover for easy heat sinking.  A redily available  CPU heat sink with fan allows continuous key down.  The radio comes with front and back covers and filter module PCB's.  The back cover also has the fan controller circuit.   The PCB is a 4 layer design and once the radio is warmed up the oscillator stablility is very good.  WSPR reports after repeated transmissions remains at 0 .  This is mostly due to very efficiant heat sink so the case temperature remains stable.  All of this fits into a 160 x 100mm enclosure, readily available.

More details on The Veteran SDR group pages.




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