Amplifier PTT Interface Board

Connects PTT Signal from Multiple radios to 4 Amplifiers without swapping cables with ground isolation.
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Every run into the issue with having several radios sharing an amplifier? The antenna coax can be swapped with a switch but what about the PTT signal. I came up with this design to solve that problem. You can interface up to 8 radios to 4 amplifiers. Simply turn the Amplifier on and now the PTT signal is active for that amplifier. The connection with the amplifier uses opto-issolators to minimize ground loops. This can also be used to key an amp from multiple sources. For example the radio it's self can key amp, a foot peddle or desk mounted MIC switch all at the same time. Each input is isolated from the other so having these hooked up at the same time is not a problem. You can use the 4 outputs to key multiple devices at the same time. Maybe you have a T/R switch between antennas and want to key an amplifier or even a series of amplifiers. The Picture is of a prototype. The plan is to have PCB fit a readily available enclosure with PCB end panels like my other Projects. These should be available by the end of April 2021. I will be offering this as a kit where the buyer needs to purchase an enclosure. I will also have 3D printed enclosures available.
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