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The Veteran SDR Transceiver 160M to 6M 10 Watts
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The Veteran SDR PCB Set
The Veteran SDR Transceiver PCB Set, 160M to 10M  10 Watts, 6M 1-2W. The transceiver PCB is 4 layer with ground plane and power plane for low current devices.  Most of the parts are 0805 SMD and the IC's are SOIC type.  So the soldering isn't too difficult with some SMD experience.  I will also include a Programmed PIC16F84A and ATtiny85 for controlling the radio.  This radio will work with any SDR software that a Softrock will work with.  PowerSDR and HDSDR are a couple of examples. A stereo sound card and a USB connection to a computer is required.
There is a jack to plug your head phones into providing the SDR program provides RX audio through the TX jack like PowerSDR does.  A key jack on front panel with an Amplifier PTT jack on back which pulls to ground on transmit.
RF pre-amp with 12db gain can be switched in if needed.  AF gain can be adjusted to your needs by changing a resistor value.
Another feature is a temp controlled Cooling fan controller.  A small PCB to mount an NTC on heat sink is included.
Once this radio is warmed up drift on WSPR is normally 0-1.  This is aided by a PTC attached to the Oscillator to allow faster warm up time and temperature stability.
The Oscillator is an Si570. Oscillator build options include CMOS, LVDS, or LVPECL type.  The recommended is an LVPECL 570AAC000118DG available at Digikey.
All of this fits into a readily available enclosure for a clean and professional appearance.
With this design a lot of engineering and testing went in to minimize the close in spurs associated with Tayloe Detector SDR's.  Close in spurs are better than -50dbc on all bands at 10W output.  Harmonics are also better than -50dbc.  IMD performance is around -30dbc.
I have a groups io reflector under TheVerteranSDR for assistance in building and operating.   A website with more info has been added.  please search theveteransdr to find it.
Complete Digikey BOM  and schematic area available from the above sites.
Transceiver PCB
Front and back end plates
Temp sensor PCB
Programmed PIC16F84A
Programmed ATtiny85
You need to Buy:
All parts per BOM
Enclosure  203x144x68mm
Heat sink
50mm Fan
2 SPST switches
International shipping available at additional cost to buyer.  Shipping, depending on day of purchase, will be within 3 business days.

PCB Update:  I recently found out that Mitsubishi made some changes to the RD15HVF1 which requires a higher BIAS Voltage which this design could not meet without PCB modification.  This PCB has the modifications to allow using old type and new RD15HVF1.  You can also now use the RD16HHF1.  The RD16 performance isn't as good but still meets FCC emissions limits.
For the 6M BPF Inductors I added SMD pads as a build option.
PCB is now Rev 2.5

For Technical support please join this group for assistance.  https://groups.io/g/TheVeteranSDR

The Veteran SDR Transceiver 160M to 6M 10 Watts
Out of Stock
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